Welcome to ESK church!

As a church, we strive together to see Jesus change human lives.

We want ESK to be a place where people find faith in God and get connected into community, a community which God uses to transform the world around. A community that’s also open to people of all ages.

Sunday services

Translation to English usually provided.

We will be happy to see You at our Sunday service at 5:00 pm! The length is approximately 70 minutes. Usually, there’s a sermon, a couple of songs, and coffee after the service. The sermon topics follow monthly series.
We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month.

During service, we usually provide childcare for children from 3 to 9 years old (except July & August).

What should you expect?

      • Informal atmosphere – really, we don’t care much for Sunday suits, educational attainment or social status. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in :). At the end of each service we serve free coffee and tea – a great opportunity to chat and get to know each other better.
      • Ordinary people of various ages, professions and hobbies, but of common spiritual values, seeking to be touched through God’s word, songs and fellowship.
      • Biblical devotion (sermon) – we try to react to today’s relevant needs and problems as well as share the truth we believe Bible – God’s still-relevant-today letter to humankind – conveys.
      • Music – we love music, and every Sunday, a band of gifted musicians plays beautiful modern songs on stage. We call these songs worship songs. We believe that music can touch us in a similar way God’s Word does.

Contact: oszturc@eskhavirov.cz, +420 733 798 224